Paging Systems Improve Communications And Save Lives

Paging Systems not only improve internal communications in a business environment, but are required by OSHA for their Employee Emergency Planning Standard (OSHA 29 CFR 1910.38). A paging system is the only way to provide instant and concise directions for emergencies – bells, whistles and sirens may not be clear enough for employees to hear and/or understand the nature of the situation.

The typical environments where paging systems are beneficial are:
• Offices
• Conference Rooms
• Factories
• Warehouses
• Distribution Centers
• Manufacturing or Processing Plants

There are two basic designs to paging systems – single-zone paging and multi-zone paging. Some of the benefits of each design are:

Single-Zone Paging
• Easy to communicate through entire facility via public address for emergencies or general announcements.
• Every message can be heard by everyone in the facility.
• The ability to adjust speaker volume as appropriate for each area in the facility.
• Use different speaker designs to enhance the décor the different areas in the facility.

Multi-Zone Paging
• Emergency and All-Call capability when necessary.
• Programming the zones for background music and/or paging only in the appropriate areas.
• Allows different areas and personnel to receive different audio at the same time.
• Provides fewer interruptions to areas where paging messages may be bothersome to employees.

At STOUT COMMUNICATIONS, we have installed systems from two of the industry leaders – BOGEN and VALCOM. Each of these manufacturers have a wide variety of products with consistent quality and the ability to customize a design suitable for your application.

For all your paging system needs, please contact us now to learn about how we can design, install, upgrade or maintain your paging system.

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