Wireless Is Becoming The Primary Network Access
In More Businesses

In a recent survey, more businesses are preferring to deploy a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) as their primary network access for their employees. The companies want to use the WLAN technology to give their more mobile employees the same access to the network as the more stationary counterparts.

Wireless LAN deployments often start off small and then grow. A wireless LAN solution that is appropriate for a department may not for a company-wide deployment due to a lack of architecture that grows well.

Some of the criteria to keep in mind when looking at a WLAN installation are:
• Radio frequency (RF) planning to determine the total access points and where to locate them to get the best coverage.
• Installation location including the mounting of the access points, running cable to the access point and mounting the antennas.
• The ongoing support and maintenance – such as reconfiguring and upgrading the access points.

Wireless LANs have become the de facto standard in such vertical markets as healthcare, education and retail. The retail segment of business has been using wireless for Point-of-Sale and inventory control – seen commonly in the food stores while counting stock on the shelves.

The healthcare industry has adopted wireless technology for “at the bed nursing” and physician applications.

More and more schools and campus are going to wireless LANs for the instruction and student populations.

STOUT COMMUNICATIONS has the tools and capabilities to design, install and test wireless networks and access points for all of your wireless needs. We utilize the product lines from CISCO Systems for our wireless LAN installations.

Please contact us to see how this growing technology can benefit your business.

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