Even though you may call Miss Utility or have a private utility locator service check your construction site, sometimes “things just go from bad to worse” and you dig up an optical fiber cable. STOUT COMMUNICATIONS has the capability and expertise to get you out of a bad situation.

STOUT COMMUNICATIONS has assembled emergency repair kits to handle situations where time is critical and repairs must be made in an expeditious fashion. We have the ability to make temporary repairs until a more permanent solution may be planned.

STOUT COMMUNICATIONS has selected the most common parts and materials involved in an optical fiber installation so the TTR – “Time To Repair” will get your network services back up and running.

Our technicians at STOUT COMMUNICATIONS are knowledgeable and resourceful for a timely repair solution. We also will install a marker tape that can be found with most locator equipment at the repair site to help prevent another incident at that location.

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